Woman Argues With IndiGo Staff Over Delayed Flight, Gets Slammed Online. Know Why

Woman Argues With IndiGo Staff Over Delayed Flight, Gets Slammed Online. Know Why

Several people praised Nethra’s composure.

A woman recently shared a video of herself arguing with an IndiGo staff member over flight delay and accommodation. Internet user Prajnaa posted a video of the heated argument on X and harshly attacked the airline and said that Nethra from IndiGo Airlines had treated her rudely. However, social media users did not agree with her conduct and slammed her.

Ms Prajnaa was travelling alone and her flight was delayed by over eight hours due to bad weather and fog. This meant that the passenger had to spend a long period of time at the airport. In the video, she is questioned Nethra about the airline’s policy on providing accommodation during such delays. According to her, the IndiGo employee declined to give her accommodation even though there was a policy requiring them to do so. She also claimed that Nethra was impolite before the video was shot.

In response, the IndiGo staff member said in the clip, “I would not be able to provide accommodation. If you want I can give you an option for tomorrow’s flight and you can stay at the airport but I would not be able to provide accommodation. The flight got delayed due to bad weather.”

While sharing the video, the user wrote, “It was the middle of the night and the flight was delayed for more than 8hrs. Despite of being a rule from the airlines where the customers are entitled to accommodation the indigo manager denied of providing one. She was very rude before I took this video.”

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, if a domestic flight is expected to be delayed by more than six hours, the airline shall provide passengers with an option of either an alternate flight within six hours or a full ticket refund. Hotel accommodation can only be provided if the delay is more than a day. 

Since being shared, the video has amassed over a million views and three thousand likes. Internet users were entirely in support of the airline employee. They agreed that she doesn’t have the authority to offer accommodations for delays due to conditions like fog. Several people praised Nethra’s composure and pointed out that the woman was indeed harsh.

“Kudos to Nethra, for handling this so well @IndiGo6E  It’s a pity that @AuthorPrajnaa did not know the rules fully – in case of bad weather & acts of God the airlines are not bound to provide accommodation. Let’s all be a little more understandable with airlines over the crisis they encounter in the face of such fog delays !” said a user.

“You are rude and screaming. The 6E staff is treating you with courtesy,” commented a second person.

A third said, “Not a fan of @IndiGo6E , but Nethra representing it, handled this well. U r not entitled to accomodation, when the flight is delayed due to bad weather.”

Another added, “The Indigo airline person is not at all rude in this. She is sharing what she knows. The law on compensation allows claims from insurance on this. Here delay is by weather and applicable to all airlines. Within force majure.”

“Professionally handled by this @IndiGo6E staff,” said a person.

IndiGo also replied to the post and said, “Ma’am, we truly regret this discomfort and assure you that it is never our intent to disrupt the travel plans of our flyers. However, our flights were affected due to the consequential effect of bad weather which is beyond our control too.”

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