Why Maoists In Chhattisgarh Are Targeting New ‘Tatkal Camps’

Explained: Why Maoists In Chhattisgarh Are Targeting New 'Tatkal Camps'

These camps set up by security force are becoming new targets. (Representational)

Anti-Maoist operations in Chhattisgarh have entered a new phase after the BJP came to power in the state in December last year. Security forces have set up Tatkal Camps (Instant Camps) in the areas which are considered to be the den of Maoists. Almost a dozen camps have been set up after the BJP came to power in December which has left the Maoists baffled.

These camps have come up in regions that are badly affected by Maoist attacks. Padia, Muler, Salatong in the Sukma district, Murkarajbeda, Duled, Dumripalnar, Palnar and Mutavendi are some regions where these camps have been set up. 

Attacks On Tatkal Camps

But these camps are becoming new targets. Three security personnel were killed and 14 others were injured in a gunfight with Maoists near the Bijapur-Sukma border in Chhattisgarh yesterday when they were working to establish the camp.

The security camp was established in Tekulagudem village in the Sukma district to provide the people of the area with basic facilities and keep a check on Maoist activities. 

“Operations are being conducted daily due to which the force is on the move always. Tatkal camps are being set up and sometimes security parameters are overlooked due to which such attacks are taking place,” a senior officer on the ground said when asked about the attack on Tekelgudem village on the Sukma-Bijapur border.

“When the camp was being set up in Tekelgudem, the forces were trying to secure the adjoining area and one party was attacked by Maoists,” an official told NDTV. This is the second attack in this region, the official said. 

Last year, in April, when security forces entered the region, 23 soldiers were killed.

However, some locals are not happy with the setting up of camps. In the Silgir village, several villagers are protesting against the Tatkal Camps. The protest is taking place a few kilometres from where the attack took place. In Bastar, 23 protests are taking place against the establishment of these security camps.

Security Forces Putting Special Focus

Officials on the ground said Tekelgudem in the state has been infested with Maoists for the last four decades, because of which development is not taking in the area.

The official told NDTV that “Former Maoist commander Hidma lives four kilometres from here and therefore nearby villages including Tekelgudem do not have roads, electricity, school and hospitals. Maoists are forcing villagers to join their organizations. Children in the region are taught about Maoism to recruit them.”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has reiterated that the menace would be over in India in the next three years. Security forces have been planning operations on the ground meticulously.

Last week, on January 16, more than 400 Maoists attacked the Dharmavaram camp and tried to divert the attention of the security forces by firing more than a thousand barrel grenade launchers.

Security forces have put a special focus on Dandakaranya its neighbouring regions. Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZC) of the central regional bureau of the CPI(Maoist) continues to be the biggest Maoist stronghold and shelter zone of the brass.

Almost 80 per cent of the central committee members are stationed in the Dandakaranya zone, which has turned out to be a functionally compact zone administratively for the Maoists. 

This area has been marked by the government as the last stronghold of the Maoists after facing losses in other parts of the country.

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