“Why Do They Always Show My Fight With Shahid Afridi?” Gautam Gambhir Fumes On India vs Pakistan Clash Coverage


The 2011 ODI World Cup winner Gautam Gambhir opened up on his heated conversation with Shahid Afridi and said that he has moved on a long back. In an interview during the ANI Podcast with Smita Prakash, Gambhir talked about how the media always showed his fight with Shahid Afridi before every ‘India vs Pakistan’ match. The former player also asked them to show something positive like the Men in Blue’s win against the “Men in Green’ in the Asia Cup final.

“When there’s a match between India and Pakistan why do they always show my fight with Shahid Afridi, there are so many other fights that have happened. Show something positive. Show when India has won the Asia Cup against Pakistan,” Gambhir said.

In 1984, India won their maiden Asia Cup title after they defeated Pakistan by 54 runs at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium to win the tournament.

Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi have had a history of on-field rivalry. In 2009, the two fought during an ODI in Kanpur.

In 2023, they renewed their rivalry in the opening match of the Legends League Cricket (LLC). Gambhir captained India Maharajas, while Afridi led Asia Lions. During the match, Gambhir was hit while batting. Afridi checked on Gambhir and asked if he was okay.

The two moments went viral on social media. Gambhir and Afridi have also had a war of words. Gambhir once said, “Afridi has only grown in age, mentally he is still 16.”

Gambhir further lambasted the media for always running behind numbers. He added that everything is not about TRP.

“At the end, it’s a game of numbers, right? In the end, how much traction you’re getting on social media, it’s not all about TRP. If you keep showing one thing then it gets negative. There are many other positive things to show as well, India has defeated Pakistan in many important matches,” he added.

Talking about his brawl with Afridi, the 42-year-old said that he moved on from it a long back and if they want to stick to it then the former player is completely fine with it.

Gambhir added that he could not control the broadcaster, what he could do is to win all the games and be passionate towards his team or franchise.

“If you don’t have to move on then absolutely fine with it, because I have moved on a long back. How can I control what a broadcaster wants to show this is not in my hands. What is in my hand is to win all the games and be passionate about it and be accountable of true to the franchise or team that I am representing,” he concluded.

In an ODI match in 2007 between India and Pakistan, the duo was involved in a fight after a boundary in the 20th over. In the second ball, Gambhir was running for a single when Afridi came in the way. Following this, the two were involved in a heated exchange but later the on-field umpires had to cool them down.

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