UP Man Orders Buffalo Online. This Happens Next

UP Man Orders Buffalo Online. This Happens Next


What do you do when your online orders don’t arrive on time? Contacting the customer helpline is perhaps the only option in such a scenario. But in Uttar Pradesh, it’s an order for a buffalo that has left a milk trader in dire straits.

Sunil Kumar, a dairy farmer in Rae Bareli, had ordered a buffalo after stumbling upon its video on YouTube.

He had contacted Kisan Bhaiyya Dairy Farm on a phone number mentioned in the video and spoke to Shubham, a Jaipur-based businessman, who assured him the buffalo was of good breed and produces 18 litres of milk every day.

Shubham also sent him a video of a buffalo, stating its price was Rs 55,000, and demanded an advance payment of Rs 10,000. The unsuspecting milk trader, who had decided to buy the buffalo, immediately transferred the amount.

Mr Kumar dialled the seller again when the buffalo was not delivered to him the next day, but was asked to transfer another Rs 25,000.

“But I didn’t make any further payment and felt I have been the victim of a fraud. He has now put my number on blacklist,” the milk trader told reporters.

Mr Kumar has filed a complaint with the police in this regard.

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