Russia’s Putin On Being “Surprised” By PM


The clip shows Putin sharing his admiration for PM Modi’s policies.

A video showing Russian president Vladimir Putin praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “tough” decision making has intrigued social media users. Voiced in Hindi, the video shows the Russian leader talking at length about the ever-growing relations between the two countries.

“Relations between Russia and India are constantly developing in all directions and the main guarantee of this is the policy of Prime Minister Modi,” the Russian leader said.

The clip shows Putin sharing his admiration for PM Modi’s policies, with an Artificial Intelligence-generated voice translating his words. “President Putin’s voice in this video is AI generated,” clarified the post.

Putin says he is often “surprised” by PM Modi’s tough stance over national security. “To be honest, sometimes I am surprised by his tough stance on protecting the national interests of the Indian people,” he said.

The 45-second clip has amassed thousands of views on X, formerly Twitter as users lauded Putin for his high praise of the prime minister while also sharing their surprise at the speech in Hindi.

Sharing his “observations from outside”, the Russian president claimed he cannot imagine the prime minister to be “forced or intimidated” to take a decision. “I cannot imagine that Modi can be intimidated, threatened or forced to take any action or decision against the national interest of India and the Indian people. I know there is such pressure on them,” he added.

Last month, in his address at the virtual G20 summit, Putin has thanked India for its good work during its chairmanship of the G20 in New Delhi from September 9-10.


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