Russian Entrepreneur Transforms An Abandoned Boeing 737 Plane Into A Luxury Villa


Watch: Russian Man Transforms An Abandoned Boeing 737 Plane Into A Luxury Villa

The unique property is perchedatop the mesmerising Nyang Nyang Cliffs in Bali, Indonesia.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra, who is quite active on Twitter regularly posts about trending topics and engaging stories, for his 11 million followers. On Saturday, he shared a fascinating video of a man who turned a commercial plane into a villa. The man, identified as Russian entrepreneur Felix Demin, transformed an abandoned Boeing 737 airliner into a luxury private villa, complete with two bedrooms, an infinity pool with Indian Ocean views, and a terrace. The unique property is perched atop the mesmerising Nyang Nyang Cliffs in Bali, Indonesia.

“Some people are fortunate enough to be able to turn their fantasies into reality. And this chap doesn’t seem to impose any constraints on his imagination! I’m trying to figure out whether I’d ever be interested in booking a stay here, but I’m a bit worried about jet lag post the experience,” Mr Mahindra wrote on X. In the video, Mr Demin gave a virtual tour of the plane-turned-villa.

Inside, there’s a living room with a bar, a sofa bed, and a glass portal, as well as two bedrooms with walk-in closets. The cockpit has been converted into a large bathroom, and he property also has sun loungers, an outdoor lounge area, and a fire pit.

Watch the video here:

Notably, the retired Boeing 737 was purchased by Mr Demin back in 2021 and transported to its remote location, CNN reported. It opened its doors in 2023, and quickly earned its place among the world’s most prestigious luxury retreats.

X users were fascinated with the unique villa, and many said that they would love an opportunity to stay in it. Notably, this private jet villa is also available for rent.

Here are some other videos of the villa:

One user said, ”This is a super rich life,” while others called it ”awesome” and ”amazing.”

Another commented, ”The fusion of fantasy and luxury always crafts the most unforgettable memories, doesn’t it? The concept of adjusting your body clock might seem daunting at first, but the experience promises to transcend any temporary discomfort.”

A third said, ”Considering staying at a place that sparks your imagination! Jet lag can be a concern, but it might be worth it for such a unique experience. Maybe plan some extra time to adjust before getting back to reality.”

A fourth added, ”Only relaxation. And no turbulence.”

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