Ram Lalla idol’s Outfit Designer Says Divine Connection With God Guided Him

'Prayed To God To Show Me The Way': Ram Lalla Idol's Outfit Designer

The designer said that gold and silver wires were used in preparation of the clothing material.


Manish Tripathi who designed the outfit adorned by the Ram Lalla idol in the newly constructed temple in Ayodhya said a divine connection with the deity helped him achieve the task.

Explaining about the material and design of the outfit, Mr Tripathi told PTI, “We got a pitambari (yellow) cloth prepared for the lord in Kashi (Varanasi),” He added that along with silk, gold and silver wires were used in preparation of the clothing material.

“The embroidery done on the outfit has Vaishnavite symbols,” the designer said.

Asked about the challenges faced in the conceptualisation and making of the outfit, Mr Tripathi said, “The biggest challenge was prepare a cloth which suits the grandeur of a prince and a god. I prayed to god to show me the way and he showed me signs and gave wisdom so that I could prepare apt clothing for him.”

The young designer, who was born and brought up in Lucknow, said it was also a challenge for him to live up to the imagination and expectations of devotees who have been waiting for over 500 years the temple to get built.

“I had a thought in my mind about how people full of devotion would react to the outfit. I am feeling very proud after receiving appreciation from everyone,” said Mr Tripathi.

“I got the best response from my mother and wife who complimented the outfit with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes,” he added.

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