PM Narendra Modi Suggests 2028 COP In India, Announces Green Credit Scheme

PM Narendra Modi calls for cutting global carbon emissions

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called on all nations to work together to cut global emissions drastically, and announced a “green credit” initiative that focuses on creating carbon skins with people’s participation.

At the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, PM Modi today said India’s emissions are very low compared to other nations whose population is much less.

“India’s population is 17 per cent of the global population, but in global carbon emissions India is only at 4 per cent. We are moving fast in achieving the NDC targets. In fact, we reached our non-fossil fuel targets nine years before the deadline,” PM Modi said, referring to the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), a climate action plan to cut emissions and adapt to climate impacts.

“We do not have much time to correct the mistakes of the last century,” PM Modi said, and asked every nation to work sincerely to meet their NDC targets.

The Conference of Parties (COP) is a decision-making body that reviews the implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The Environment Ministry has introduced two initiatives that indicate India’s proactive approach to tackling climate change, and sustainability take forward ‘LiFE’ – ‘Lifestyle for Environment’ movement announced by PM Modi in 2021.

The “green credit” initiative seeks to encourage environmentally friendly practices rooted in tradition and conservation reflecting the ideas of the ‘LiFE’ concept.

India is among a few countries on track to achieve its NDCs to limit global warming to 1.5 degree Celsius.

PM Modi was the only leader to join the opening plenary along with COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber and UN Climate Change president Simon Steill.

PM Modi called for maintaining a balance between mitigation and adaptation, and said energy transition across the world must be “just and inclusive”.

He called for rich countries to transfer technology to help emerging economies fight climate change.

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