Parliament Attack 6 Involved In Parliament Smoke Scare, 4 Arrested, 2 On The Run: Sources


6 Involved In Parliament Smoke Scare, 4 Arrested, 2 On The Run: Sources

New Delhi:

Six people were involved in the planning and execution of a major security breach in Parliament on Wednesday, police sources told NDTV this evening, prompting a flood of questions on security systems in place in the new building. These reportedly include at least five levels of screening.

Two individuals – Sagar Sharma and D Manoranjan – deployed yellow smoke canisters inside the Lok Sabha, and two others – Neelam Devi and Amol Shinde – burst red and yellow canisters outside the Parliament. The fifth has been named as Lalit Jha, at whose Gurgaon home the other five stayed.

The sixth person has not been named; s/he and Lalit Jha are on the run, sources told NDTV.

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Initial inquiries have established the two who popped the smoke cans inside the Lok Sabha are from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh (Sagar Sharma) and Karnataka’s Mysuru (D Manoranjan). The two caught outside Parliament are from Maharashtra’s Latur (Amol Shinde) and Hisar in Haryana (Neelam Devi).

Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan, who were seated in the Lok Sabha’s visitors’ gallery before launching this shocking disruption were given entrance passes requested by BJP MP Pratap Sinha’s office.

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Mr Simha, the ruling party’s lawmaker from Mysuru, has told NDTV he will meet Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to explain his position regarding the requests for passes that was forwarded by his office.

According to the police, all six met online and hatched this plan together. There is, at this time, no evidence to suggest they were radicalised by any terror group, sources told NDTV.

The police have also released a few more details, including the Aadhaar cards of Sagar Sharma and D Manoranjan, while NDTV has learned Neelam Devi, 42, is a teacher studying for the civil services.

According to Neelam’s brother, she was actively involved in the controversial farmers’ protest of 2020 against the government’s three farm laws, but is not linked to any political party.

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Today’s Parliament breach comes 22 years after a terror strike on the old building in which nine people, including eight security personnel, were killed. It also follows threats by a Khalistani terrorist – Gurpatwant Singh Pannun – to stage an attack that will “shake the very foundation of Parliament”.

Parliament Smoke Attack: What Happened?

On Wednesday afternoon, as the Lok Sabha was holding a Zero Hour session, Sagar Sharma jumped out of the visitors’ gallery and into the chamber. He popped a yellow smoke canister and, in incredible scenes, jumped from desk to desk in an attempt to reach the Lok Sabha Speaker’s Chair.

He was overpowered and captured by MPs, several of whom then thrashed him. His accomplice – Manoranjan – remained in the gallery; he too opened a smoke canister, presumably to distract attention.

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Shortly before the security scare inside Parliament, Neelam Devi and Amol Shinde burst smoke canisters – with yellow and red smoke – outside, and shouted slogans denouncing dictatorship.

All four have been arrested and are being interrogated by Delhi Police’s anti-terror cell.

Re-assuring MPs rightly worried about their safety after this incident, Mr Birla told them a thorough investigation would take place. “All have been caught and the materials with them have been seized.”

The Lower House was later adjourned till 11 am Thursday.

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