India vs England Live Score Updates, 2nd Test Day 3: Kuldeep Yadav Departs For 0, England Bounce Back vs India

IND vs ENG, 2nd Test Day 3 Live Score Updates: Shubman Gill solid for India.© BCCI

India vs England, 2nd Test Day 3 Live Score Updates: Tom Hartley has taken his third wicket of the day in the form of Kuldeep Yadav for 0. Ravichandran Ashwin has now been joined by Jasprit Bumrah at the crease. The duo aims to help eight-down India to extend their lead. On the other hand, the English bowlers aim to end the proceedings in the upcoming session. James Anderson struck twice in the morning to get the better of Rohit and Jaiswal, respectively. Rehan Ahmed and Tom Hartley struck late in the morning session to further dent India’s innings. (LIVE SCORECARD)

Here are the Live Updates of Day 3 of second Test between India and England:

  • 14:39 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT

    OUT!!! Rehan Ahmed strikes in the very first over of the third session and dismisses KS Bharat for 6. Bharat tries to steal a boundary but fails to time the shot as the ball lands safely into the hands of Ben Stokes at the mid-on. Seventh wicket gone for India. 

    IND 228/7 (64.4 overs)

  • 14:36 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: 3rd session begins

    Hello and welcome to the third sessions of Day 3 of the ongoing second Test between India and England. Before going for Tea, India’s score read 227/6, leading by 370 runs. Currently, KS Bharat (6*) and Ravichandran Ashwin (1*) are standing unbeaten at the crease and will now aim to extend India’s lead in this session. On the other hand, England bowlers will aim to end the proceedings at the earliest. 

  • 14:14 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Tea break

    This marks the end of the second session on Day 3 of the ongoing second Test between India and England. India’s score read 227/6 in 64 overs, leading by 370 runs. Currently, KS Bharat (6*) and Ravichandran Ashwin (1*) are standing unbeaten at the crease for six-down India. England bowlers aim to end the proceedings in the next session.

  • 14:00 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT

    OUT!!! Tom Hartley has provided England with another breakthrough as he dismissed Axar Patel for 45. Hartley strikes on Axar’s pads but the on-field signals not-out. However, the decision goes to the third umpire, who declares Axar LBW out. India lose their sixth wicket. 

    IND 220/6 (60 overs)

  • 13:39 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT

    OUT!!! Shoaib Bashir has provided England with the much-needed breakthrough as he dismissed Shubman Gill for 104. Gill tries to play a sweep shot the ball touches the glove and travels straight to wicketkeeper Ben Foakes, who takes a brilliant catch behind the stumps. Fifth wicket gone for India. 

    IND 211/5 (56 overs)

  • 13:34 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: India’s lead go past 350

    Shubman Gill and Axar Patel continue to frustrate England bowlers with their partnership. The duo is dealing in boundaries as India’s lead breach the 350-run mark. In the previous over of Rehan Ahmed, Axar smashes a boundary and is currently batting at 38. 

    IND 209/4 (55 overs)

  • 13:19 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill hits ton

    Shubman Gill takes a single off Shoaib Bashir’s delivery and brings up century in style. It is his third century in Test cricket and he brings it up in 132 balls. What a wonderful knock from the India batter, who has been under fire due to some of his poor performances in the past matches. 

    IND 201/4 (51.4 overs)

  • 13:13 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Axar nears 50

    Apart from Shubman Gill, Axar Patel is also playing a good knock and dealing in boundaries. In he previous over of Tom Hartley, he smashes a boundary as the spinner concedes six runs. With this, Axar is inching closer towards his half-century. It will be his fifth half-century in the longest format. 

    IND 198/4 (51 overs)

  • 12:50 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill nears ton

    Shubman Gill has changed the momentum of the game as he brutally thrashed Rehan Ahmed. In the previous over of the spinner, Gill smashes a six and two boundaries as Rehan concedes 14 runs. With this, Gill has breached the 80-run mark and inching closer towards his century. Brilliant batting from Gill. 

    IND 165/4 (41 overs)

  • 12:34 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Blow for England

    As per the recent updates, England star batter Joe Root has sustained an external blow to his right little finger, attempting a slip catch in the first session of Day 3. The medical team has taken him off the field to give him some treatment. Currently, there’s no proper confirmation regarding his return. 

  • 12:29 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill-Axar steady

    Shubman Gill and Axar Patel are stitching a good partnership for India. The duo is steadily taking Team India ahead in the game as they are rotating the strike at regular intervals. On the other hand, the English bowlers are desperately looking for another breakthrough, in order to keep India in check. 

    IND 145/4 (38 overs)

  • 12:20 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: 9 runs off the over

    Team India has started the second session on a powerful note as the duo of Shubman Gill and Axar Patel score nine runs off James Anderson. The over includes a boundary by Axar as the duo now aim to stitch a stable partnership and provide India with the momentum. 

    IND 139/4 (36 overs)

  • 12:13 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: 2nd session begins

    Hello and welcome to the second sessions of Day 3 of the ongoing second Test between India and England. Before going for Lunch, India’s score read 130/4, leading by 273 runs. Currently, Shubman Gill (60*) and Axar Patel (2*) are standing unbeaten at the crease and will now aim to extend their lead in this session. On the other hand, England bowlers will aim to scalp some quick wickets. 

  • 11:34 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Lunch!

    Axar survives a solid over from Rehan Ahmed and it’s Lunch time. So, 101 runs and four wickets. England take the session but India lead by 273 runs. Gill unbeaten on 60.

  • 11:30 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill solid!

    I think this will be the last over before Lunch! A good session for England but Gill keeps India ticking. Still some batting to come for the hosts with Bharat and Ashwin. 

    IND: 129/4

  • 11:19 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: OUT!

    Patidar has edged that! Sharp catch by Foakes. Brilliant take as the ball shot through low outside off

    Rajat Patidar c Foakes b Rehan Ahmed 9 (19)

    IND: 122/4

  • 11:09 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: WICKET!

    Miscued by Iyer and Stokes takes a screamer! He was looking to go over mid-on but skewed his shot high into the off side. Stokes with a fist pump

    Shreyas Iyer c Stokes b Hartley 29 (52)

    IND: 111/3

  • 11:00 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: 50 up for Gill!

    Drilled through covers!  Full and driven, Atkinson can’t cut it off on the boundary. He raises his bat in delight

    IND: 111/2

  • 10:56 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Swept away for four!

    Goes down and and gets four to deep backward square leg! Moves into the 40s with that boundary. This is excellent batting from Gill. A real confidence booster for the youngster

    IND: 102/2

  • 10:53 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill-Iyer solid!

    Gill and Iyer have looked at their absolute best so far! This will be a relief for both of them. However, the job is not done yet. Need a big partnership here.

    IND: 96/2

  • 10:45 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Slashed away past point!

    Gill picks out the gap! Short and wide from Ahmed and Gill goes on to the backfoot before cracking the ball behind the point sweeper. 

    IND: 87/2

  • 10:43 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Root off the ground!

    Joe Root is off the field right now! He had earlier copped a ball on his finger. The ball fell short off him in the slip and hit his finger. Seemed to be in some pain

    IND: 82/2 (22)

  • 10:33 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Iyer finds the gap!

    Flicked down the leg! Iyer glances it fine for four. Long chase from Bashir but the outfield is quick this morning

    IND: 69/2

  • 10:27 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill changes gear

    Shubman Gill has provided Team India with some momentum as he smashed two consecutive boundaries off Tom Hartley. The spinner concedes nine runs in this over. With this, Team India’s lead has gone past the 200-run mark. Terrific partnership between Gill and Shreyas Iyer. 

    IND 66/2 (18 overs)

  • 10:18 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: India need some magic!

    Anderson done after a four-over spell for six runs and two wickets. Shoaib Bashir is into the attack. This partnership remains key for India. These two have to bat long, not just for the team, but for themselves too.

    IND: 42/2 

  • 10:09 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Nervy moments for India!

    Gill and Iyer are being very cautious. No rush to score runs. Batting in these conditions hasn’t been easy with the ball twisting and turning

    IND: 39/2

  • 10:01 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill gets lucky!

    Gill survives again! This time it was given not out by the umpire. On a length, outside off, nips back in, beats the edge clearly. England take the DRS and the umpire call saves Gill

    IND: 35/2

  • 09:54 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Gill survives!

    Gill and India breathe a sigh of relief! On a length, Gill defends in front of the body, playing for the turn, but this goes straight on after pitching. Given out. Replays show there was a spike before contact with the pad. PHEW!!!

    IND: 34/2

  • 09:50 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Edged and taken!

    Loose drive from Jaiswal, takes the edge. Pouched by Root at first slip. Anderson is ecstatic. England are back in the contest

    Yashasvi Jaiswal c Root b Anderson 17 (27)

    IND: 30/2

  • 09:39 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: That’s a ripper from Anderson!

    Rohit is gone! What a ball from Anderson! The ball nips away just enough to beat the outside edge and knocks back the off pole

    Rohit Sharma b Anderson 13 (21)

    IND: 29/1

  • 09:34 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Stokes summons Anderson!

    And Anderson is into the attack from the other end. Three slips in place for Jaiswal, who dabs the first ball. No run

    IND: 28/0

  • 09:32 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: We are underway!

    Joe Root with the first over for England and he starts off with a maiden. Looking at the sky, i though Stokes would go for Anderson

    IND: 28/0 (6)

  • 09:25 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Pitch report!

    Eoin Morgan says there is a little bit of moisture on the top surface. Overnight dew perhaps. Dinesh Karthik feels the cracks have expanded from Day 1, adding that the pitch will slowly start playing tricks. He says it is going to be slightly harder today than yesterday.

  • 09:24 (IST)

    IND vs ENG Live: Exciting day of Test cricket awaits!

    We are just under 10 minutes from the start of play here is Vizag. It’s been all over North India today and the conditions are a bit overcast here as well.

  • 08:15 (IST)

    India vs England, 2nd Test Day 3 LIVE: Rohit Needs To Go Deep

    The India captain, Rohit Sharma, hasn’t managed to register a big score in the whites for a while. With the batting conditions still looking good, the onus is on him to change the trend and take his innings into the second session, at least.

  • 08:07 (IST)

    India vs England 2nd Test, Day 3 LIVE: Jaiswal-Rohit In Focus

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of Day 3 of the second Test between India and England from Vizag. India captain Rohit Sharma and talismanic young opener Yashasvi Jaiswal will be on the pitch, looking to extend the team’s dominance in the match, having taken a resounding lead of 171 runs already. 

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