Hotel Manager Murders Wife To Hide Affair, Tries To Portray It As Accident

Hotel Manager Murders Wife To Hide Affair, Tries To Portray It As Accident

Gaurav Katiyar, who is from Lucknow, was married to Diksha Gangwar


A manager of a luxury hotel in Goa has been arrested for allegedly murdering his wife after she accused him of having a love affair.

29-year-old Gaurav Katiyar tried to cover the murder as an accident, claiming his wife drowned in the sea while he was away.

Gaurav Katiyar works as a manager at a luxury hotel operated by Marriott International in South Goa’s Colva.

Gaurav Katiyar, who is from Lucknow, married Diksha Gangwar about a year ago, but their relationship remained strained, officials said.

“Katiyar decided to kill his wife as she knew about his extramarital affair,” said news agency PTI quoting police sources.

Gaurav took his wife to the beach in South Goa for a stroll where he drowned her. “The incident occurred at around 3.45 pm on Friday at Cabo de Rama beach,” a police official said.

When some tourists saw him coming back to the beach alone, they grew suspicious and informed police.

They told police that they saw Gaurav and Diksha venturing into the waters, but when the man returned the woman was nowhere in sight.

Katiyar tried to pass it off as an accident, but a video shot by a tourist exposed his claims.

The video showed him walking back alone to the beach and then returning to the sea apparently to ensure whether his wife was dead.

“The woman’s body had injury marks, suggesting signs of struggle,” officials said.

Police said the man has been arrested and investigation is on.

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