Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh Says Any Gaza Post-War Without Its Involvement Delusion


Hamas Leader Says Any Gaza Post-War Plan Without Its Involvement 'Delusion'

Ismail Haniyeh said he was open for talks for ending the Israeli assault

Palestinian Territories:

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh said Wednesday that any plan for post-war Gaza that does not involve the Palestinian militant group is just a “delusion”.

“Any arrangement in Gaza or in the Palestinian cause without Hamas or the resistance factions is a delusion,” said Haniyeh in a televised speech.

Haniyeh’s comments came a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he will not allow “the entry into Gaza of those who… support terrorism and finance terrorism”.

Haniyeh, however, said he was open for talks for ending the Israeli assault and “putting the Palestinian house in order both in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip”.

He said Hamas was ready for talks that could lead to a “political path that secures the right of the Palestinian people to their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital”.

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