Grandfather On Bike, He Rides Up To Hospital’s Emergency Ward


Man on bike seen entering hospital’s emergency ward

He rode his motorbike right up to the Emergency ward of a hospital in Madhya Pradesh, his grandfather behind him was held up by another man, mirroring a scene from Aamir Khan blockbuster ‘3 Idiots’.

The incident, which was captured on a video, was reported from Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel District Hospital in Satna, some 450 km from state capital Bhopal.

Late on Saturday night, the grandfather of a person named Neeraj Gupta fell ill and was brought to the Satna hospital on a bike.

In the video, the man can be seen stopping right in the middle of the emergency ward, with a security guard following him and video recording the act. The elderly man, who appears unconscious, is then helped off the bike by a hospital boy and another person.

The man is then seen reversing the bike and heading out, causing a mini flutter among other patients.

He then runs back into the hospital to check up on his grandfather, shows the video.

Upon learning about the incident, the doctor of the emergency ward reprimands the man.


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