Five-Storey Building Crumbles Down In Seconds In Shimla

The viral video shows the building teetering briefly before crumbling entirely.

A five-storey building in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, collapsed dramatically on Saturday, as captured in a chilling 15-second video. However, no loss of life was reported in the incident, as all the residents were evacuated in advance and the electric connections of the building were disconnected.

The incident took place around 12 pm at 16 Mile in Marahwag village near Shimla city. The house, owned by one Raj Kumar, was sinking, and the base columns of the building had developed cracks, the officials said.

A widely circulated video shows the building briefly teetering before completely collapsing, resulting in a cloud of dust. Authorities had evacuated the building beforehand to prevent any loss of life or property.

The road leading to Government Degree College at Dhami sustained partial damage due to the building collapse, causing disruptions in traffic flow, according to officials.

Nishant, the Sub Divisional Magistrate (Rural), explained that the collapse was a result of excavation work in the hilly area above the house. He further stated that one Dinesh Kumar is currently constructing his house in the vicinity of the collapsed building.

(With inputs from PTI)

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