Delhi Fire Service Officials Rescue Dog Stuck In Drain For 3 Days


Watch: Delhi Fire Service Officials Rescue Dog Stuck In Drain For 3 Days

The incident took place in Delhi’s Green Park.

A stray dog was recently rescued by Delhi Fire Service officials in Delhi’s Green Park after it was stuck in the drain for over three days. The canine’s cries were heard by someone on the road which prompted them to alert the authorities. 

A video of the rescue operation was shared on social media by Simanta V. Mahanta. As per the clip, the dog could not get out of the gutter after getting inside through a broken manhole. Then, to ensure the dog’s safe recovery, the fire department officers expertly drilled into the road to save the terrified animal. As per the one-minute-long video, the officials also used several tools to cut the road and then manually cleared stones from the way. A few minutes later, they were able to hear the dog. The canine was then pulled out by a fire safety official and was provided with food and water.

“Unsung Heroes from the Delhi Fire Service rescuing a doggo trapped inside a gutter for 3 days,” reads the caption of the video. Since being shared a week ago, the clip has amassed over two lakh likes and three million views.

“Real heroes. May God bless them,” said a user.

“Salute,” added a person.

A third added, “Thank you for sharing this story! Motu is my community dog and is fed by me, my family and Manoj bhaiya (the sabji wala bhaiya) we also take care of his buddies (mighty and jackie). He’s doing well now and is under observation for a few days since he’s an old dog. Thank you everyone who helped motu!!”

“Very Good,” commented a person.

Many people also left heart emojis in the comments section.

In a similar incident, a scared puppy was rescued after being trapped in a sewer in the United States for eight hours. The incident took place in San Antonio and the puppy was one of the three that fell into an open valve while playing in the front yard of a home, as per a report in the New York Post. The San Antonio Fire Department pulled two puppies to safety, however, they were unable to catch the third one, who had crawled deeper into the sewer line.

The extensive rescue operation began when the department called the San Antonio Water System for help. Using a tiny camera, the personnel found the dog inside the sewer and gently redirected it 200 feet to a sewage opening found across the street.

After nearly eight hours, the pooch, which was named Pipa by the responders, was pulled out and rescued. 

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