Congress’s Slave Mentality Led To World Undermining India: PM’s Top Quotes

New Delhi:
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking today during the last Parliament session before the general elections, took a jibe at Congress leader Malikarjun Kharge for the latter’s faux pas in the Rajya Sabha last week.

Here are PM Modi’s top quotes:

  1. Special thanks to Malikarjun Kharge. I have hardly felt such joy in Parliament. I was pleased with the fact that Mr Kharge spoke at length.

  2. I wondered how he had the freedom to speak so much. Then I realised, two “special commanders” were not there. Mr Kharge made use of this opportunity.

  3. Mr Kharge would have heard the song ‘Aisa mauka kaha mila hoga’. He was having fun hitting fours and sixes since “commanders” were not there.

  4. In the old Parliament, attempts were made to stifle the PM’s voice. I kept hearing each word of yours. Today too, you (Opposition) have come prepared to not hear a thing.

  5. But you can’t suppress my voice. The country’s citizens have given power to this voice.

  6.  Such a big party (Congress) that has ruled for decades. I am not happy that this has happened. I feel pity. Such a big party that has ruled for decades has to see such a fall.

  7. The Congress that has murdered democracy, toppled elected governments dozens of times, chained democracy behind bars, tried to lock down the media, tried to break the country – now they are giving statements to break North and South.

  8. This Congress is preaching about democracy and federalism? They have left no stones unturned to break the country over language.

  9. They allowed terrorism to thrive, left the Northeast in backwardness, made Maoism a big challenge, handed over land to enemies, and stopped modernisation of the armed forces.

  10. Congress leaders and their ethics have no guarantee, and they want to question Modi’s guarantees. Why was the country angry with Congress? Why did the people get so angry? It is not because I said so. It’s the fruit of what they have sown.

  11. “Inflation is rising, fiscal deficit has gone beyond expectations. There is great anger in country over public office misuse,” this is what the then-PM (Manmohan Singh) said.

  12. During Congress rule, India was a Fragile Five economy, policy paralysis became its identity. We became a top 5 economy in our 10 years. We have struggled our way through such challenging times.

  13. Who was inspired by the British? I am not asking who gave birth to Congress. Even after freedom, who promoted slave mentality?

  14. The budget used to be presented in the evening because the time was at par with the English time. If you were not influenced by them, why are there signs of English rule in Andaman and Nicobar Islands? Why did you not build a war memorial for the jawans? Why did you look down on Indian languages?

  15. If you were not influenced by them then what stopped you from calling India the ‘mother of democracy’? I can give many examples.

  16. They began narratives to look down upon their own culture. They still can’t speak about Aatmanirbhar Bharat. The country has seen it all and now understands it all. You are suffering its consequences.

  17. We want to achieve Viksit Bharat by 2047. No place for a 20th-century mindset, it can’t make India Viksit Bharat.

  18. Congress is suddenly speaking about caste. But if they need to, they should look into their history. If Babasaheb wasn’t there, I wonder if SC-ST would have been given a reservation. Their mindset is not new, it has been like this since then

  19. I remember Nehru ji a lot these days. I quote Pandit Nehru’s letters to Chief Ministers: “I don’t like reservations and especially in jobs. I am against any step that promotes inefficiency.”

  20. Nehru ji used to say that if SC, ST and OBC get reservations in jobs, government work standards will fall. 

  21. What Nehru ji said has been ‘Pathhar Ki Lakeer’ for Congress. Your mindset can be understood through such examples

  22. SC, ST and OBC in Jammu and Kashmir were not given their rights for seven decades. Article 370 was repealed. Only then, did they get those rights. They did not have the Forest Rights Act, or the Prevention of Atrocities Act. We repealed Article 370 and gave them the rights.

  23. They left no stone unturned to defeat Babasaheb’s ideology. They were not prepared to give Bharat Ratna to Babasaheb. It happened when the BJP came to power.

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