Car Thief In UK Rams Owner Into Wall, Smashes Door While Speeding Away


Video: Car Thief In UK Rams Owner Into Wall, Smashes Door While Speeding Away

The owner’s attempt to stop the car thief was not successful.

A shocking footage has emerged on social media that shows a car thief ramming the owner into a brick wall while speeding off the driveway. The door of the car was also ripped off in the incident. The video was recorded by CCTV installed outside the house in Doncaster, in South Yorkshire, on December 6, according to locals on X (formerly Twitter) who identified the place. The injured man was left grunting in pain on the ground. Holding his injured arm, he later rushed back into his home.

The video shows a man in a black tracksuit trying to open a black SUV parked outside a house. As he is about to drive away, the owner of the vehicle – in green jacket – arrives and attempts to open the door in a bid to stop the thief.

But the man driving the car reverses in high speed with the owner sticking to the half open car door. The thief then speeds away but not before ramming the car owner into a brick wall and smashing to car door off.

In September, a large number of car parts along with three stolen vehicles were recovered from a ‘chop shop’ in Doncaster.

The Yorkshire Police said on their website that the vehicles were found while a search was on to track a stolen Land Rover.

The three stolen vehicles included two Land Rover Defenders and a KTM 350 motorbike.

In February this year, a furious driver in Gwent ploughed his car into some people outside a pub after an argument.


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