Bengaluru Traffic, Bengaluru Man Bites Cop’s Finger After Being Caught Without Helmet

Bengaluru man bit the finger of the traffic constable to retrieve the keys.

A video of a man yelling and biting a traffic police personnel in Bengaluru – which is in wide circulation now – has triggered huge outrage.

Sayyad Safi was stopped by the traffic police for violating rules after he was caught driving the scooter without a helmet near Wilson Garden 10th Cross.

While a traffic constable took away his scooter keys, Head Constable Siddarameshwara Kaujalagi tried to film the incident to record the violation.

The video shows the 28-year-old man confronting both the traffic constables. At one point, he bit the finger of the traffic constable to retrieve the keys.

He can be heard saying that he forgot to wear the helmet as he was heading to a hospital and that he doesn’t care if his video goes viral.

Sayyad Safi then grabbed the head constable’s phone, asked him why his video was being recorded, and attempted to flee.

He was immediately caught and arrested, officials said.

“The suspect is believed to have abused the traffic constable at Wilson Garden 10th Cross, bit his finger and hurt him,” the police said.

A case has been registered against him for abusing and physically hurting a police personnel on duty, criminal intimidation and breach of peace, they said.

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