189 Passengers Evacuated From Flight At Stockholm Airport After Smoke Fills Cabin


'Highly Traumatic': 189 Passengers Evacuated From Flight At Stockholm Airport After Smoke Fills Cabin

Emergency vehicles encircled the aircraft on the snow-covered tarmac.

In a shocking incident, nearly 200 people were forced to evacuate an aircraft at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in Sweden on December 10 after the plane’s cabin was filled up with smoke when the engine was switched on for preparation for takeoff, as per a report in the New York Post. The Buzz Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft is a Poland-based partner of Irish air carrier Ryanair. The Buzz flight was preparing to leave for Krakow in Poland when the crisis unfolded.

Several videos of the incident were posted on X, formerly Twitter. One of the videos shows the chaotic scene unfolding as passengers hastily exit the aircraft via inflatable emergency slides deployed at the plane’s doors. While first responders and airport staff assisted passengers in evacuating, a number of emergency vehicles encircled the aircraft on the snow-covered tarmac. However, no injuries were reported. Further in the video, the smoke-filled cabin is seen as the 189 terrified passengers gather their luggage and form a line to get off the plane.

As per the outlet, passengers had to shout at the flight crew to open the cabin doors so they could leave as the cabin started filling with smoke. A passenger called the entire ordeal “highly traumatic.”

A Ryanair representative said in a statement that Buzz engineers were examining the aircraft and that a replacement aircraft had been sent to Arlanda to carry the passengers to their intended destination. “A Buzz aircraft this morning (10 Dec) in Arlanda reported fumes in the cabin. As a precaution, passengers were evacuated and returned to the terminal,” the statement said.  They added, “We apologise sincerely to affected passengers for this delay which we are doing everything to minimise. Refreshment vouchers have been issued to passengers in Arlanda.”

Meanwhile, in September, Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary was hit with a pie in the face by environmental protesters in Brussels. According to the BBC, the airline chief was preparing to speak outside European Union headquarters when two female protesters dressed in black smeared him with two cream pies.  A video going viral online captured the exact moment of the incident. “Stop the pollution,” shouted one of the women just before she smashed Mr O’Leary in the face. “Welcome in Belgium,” said another while hitting the airline chief in the back of the head with another pie. 


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